Looks like Halen finally decided to do something about that letter! And hoo boy, I hope he knows who he’s confronting there …

I alluded to it a little bit already … this chapter will see some confrontations happen that had been a long time coming. The first one was Shara and Kat finally talking about the sword, which ended up relatively harmless. This is the next one, and given that I have some sort of narrative arc to uphold … they are only going to get nastier. But this is also not the last one in the chapter, so … maybe Halen will get lucky?


(The above also means that I’ll jump a bit less between places and spend more time and pages on some scenes … but I promise I’ll try to keep them interesting nonetheless!)

↓ Transcript
<Serpent's End, Halen is standing in front of a door and hesitating>
<Halen sighs>
Halen: <thinking> This is it. You can do it, Halen. You HAVE to do it.
<He enters the room, it's Gregor's office, with him inside>
Gregor: ... what is it, Halen? Can't you see I'm busy?
Halen: No, Gregor. You're not. In fact ... I made sure both YOUR and MY schedule are completely free for the next hour.
Gregor: What is the meaning of this?
Halen: We are going to have a talk. About YOU. And LADY VIOLET.
Gregor: We are NOT going to talk about this anymore! Now leave -
<Halen leans over his desk>
Halen: GREGOR! I will NOT turn away from this anymore! I will STAY and we are going to TALK!
Gregor: There is NOTHING to talk about here!
Halen: Really? Not even that HIDDEN LETTER IN YOUR DESK?