<Serpent's End, Halen is standing in front of a door and hesitating>
<Halen sighs>
Halen: <thinking> This is it. You can do it, Halen. You HAVE to do it.
<He enters the room, it's Gregor's office, with him inside>
Gregor: ... what is it, Halen? Can't you see I'm busy?
Halen: No, Gregor. You're not. In fact ... I made sure both YOUR and MY schedule are completely free for the next hour.
Gregor: What is the meaning of this?
Halen: We are going to have a talk. About YOU. And LADY VIOLET.
Gregor: We are NOT going to talk about this anymore! Now leave -
<Halen leans over his desk>
Halen: GREGOR! I will NOT turn away from this anymore! I will STAY and we are going to TALK!
Gregor: There is NOTHING to talk about here!
Halen: Really? Not even that HIDDEN LETTER IN YOUR DESK?



Alt-text: "Wow, I bet that pen was expensive ..."

Looks like Halen finally decided to do something about that letter! And hoo boy, I hope he knows who he's confronting there ...

I alluded to it a little bit already ... this chapter will see some confrontations happen that had been a long time coming. The first one was Shara and Kat finally talking about the sword, which ended up relatively harmless. This is the next one, and given that I have some sort of narrative arc to uphold ... they are only going to get nastier. But this is also not the last one in the chapter, so ... maybe Halen will get lucky?  

(The above also means that I'll jump a bit less between places and spend more time and pages on some scenes ... but I promise I'll try to keep them interesting nonetheless!)

One thought on “page381

  1. Oy, Halen! Wouldn’t have thought you had it in you to confront someone that fiercely. The things we do for love …
    I think now I love you even a bit more <3 Just hope that Gregor will also eventually see it as the sign of affection that it is …

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