Alt-text: "Please don't go full Gaius Baltar, Shara."

Apparently Shara is into sexy ghosts. It can't be that bad if Dr. Crusher did it, right? 

... right?

3 thoughts on “page380

  1. Daaaaaw … they’re somehow cute.
    I never expected Shara to be that manipulative. Although, well … on second thought I think it showed already somewhere, somehow …

    1. Hmm … maybe here, where she “successfully” manages to poke someone until they get mad? ;)

      1. There’s that, yes *g* And also some stuff she told Kat just to upset her.
        Btw, did I mention that Shara looks pretty cool in panel three? Cause she really does. A bit smug, a bit badass … totally Shara, minus that depression she stumbled into after loosing that leg.

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