Gideon: You still need to rescue me, Shara. To get me OUT OF HERE.
Shara: I WILL.
Gideon: So you think you can convince your friend to take me with you?
Shara: ... Something like that. I just need to ... to show her that you're HARMLESS.
Gideon: ... I admit, it's probably better you don't have to choose between us. Even though it still HURTS a litte.
Shara: Oh don't be a DRAMA QUEEN! Kat's my friend. I couldn't do that to her. DEAL WITH IT.
Gideon: Still, now we're separated even longer ...
Shara: You're here right now, ain't you? C'MERE!
<She pulls Gideon closer>
Shara: Y'know, maybe Kat will come around once she realizes how much you could TELL her. You know. About BACK THEN. As someone who was actually THERE.
Gideon: Well ... I can't just TALK to her like I do to you. But I guess I could give you some more details to feed her ... if you think that'll keep her happy?
Shara: ABSOLUTELY. And once she's hooked I can tell her that I need to get closer to you to know more ...
<Gideon leans in closely>
Gideon: My, what a DEVIOUS LITTLE GIRL you still are ... I like it.
Shara: Hey ... I promised you I'll save you this time. And I WILL.
Gideon: I love you.
Shara: I love you, too.
Gideon: Also a tip: You can speak to me just using your MIND. I'm pretty sure your WHITE BOY is watching somewhere, and right now it looks like you're TALKING TO THE AIR and TOUCHING YOURSELF.
Shara: ... Gngh.



Alt-text: "Please don't go full Gaius Baltar, Shara."

Apparently Shara is into sexy ghosts. It can't be that bad if Dr. Crusher did it, right? 

... right?

3 thoughts on “page380

  1. Daaaaaw … they’re somehow cute.
    I never expected Shara to be that manipulative. Although, well … on second thought I think it showed already somewhere, somehow …

    1. Hmm … maybe here, where she “successfully” manages to poke someone until they get mad? ;)

      1. There’s that, yes *g* And also some stuff she told Kat just to upset her.
        Btw, did I mention that Shara looks pretty cool in panel three? Cause she really does. A bit smug, a bit badass … totally Shara, minus that depression she stumbled into after loosing that leg.

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