I really like how panel one turned out – in fact you can see it singled out on my DA account!


In case you are wondering what Gideon is talking about in the last panel, Shara has had a habit of thinking about killing and/or ditching the people around her …

↓ Transcript
<Shara is now resting alone in the dark, eyes closed>
Shara: .... are you gonna get mad at me now?
Gideon: Don't be silly, love. I'm not mad at you. A little bit DISAPPOINTED, maybe ...
Gideon: We were so close to be COMPLETELY REUNITED! Now your friend won't EVER let you near me anymore, you realize that?
Shara: I couldn't just ... it didn't seem RIGHT. I WANTED to ... I nearly DID.
Gideon: So you STILL don't trust me?
Shara: You did CREEP INTO MY DREAMS and have a habit of saying OMINOUS STUFF.
Gideon: <sighs> Very well. It could have been so much EASIER, though.
Shara: To be fair, I don't know if it would've been EASIER ... was I supposed to just ... TAKE you? And then run away with you? Or KILL the others and leave them here? 'Cause I would never do that!
Gideon: I am pretty sure you debated something like that already. Without my input, even.
Shara: That doesn't count! That was like ... MONTHS ago!