Updated on 2018-01-05

↓ Transcript
Kshar: Well, I'm not gonna search her. If she's not here in 5 minutes, I'm leaving. Go look for her or something.
<He starts looting the forsaken's corpses>
Shara: And what makes you think that I care if she comes along?! We two got along just fine, didn't we? Hell, leave some of that stuff for me!
<She starts looting, too>
<Meanwhile Katharina is talking to herself, trying not to freak out>
Katharina: Ohgods ... Lhûn ... please protect me ...
Katharina: P-please let me survive this jungle ... so much blood ... please protect me ...
Shara: <from afar> Hm, that'd be a nice armor if it hadn't had a giant hole in the chest ...
Katharina: Lhûn ... alright, Katharina ... get over it ... you're a strong mage ... you're on a mission ... with two B-BRUTAL killers ... b-but they won't kill you ... only the bandits ...
Katharina: Those were just bandits ... it's alright to kill them ... Th-they'd kill us, we kill them ... oh gods ...
<She buries her face in her hands>