Shara: Ngh ... well at least you came back at all ... Seeing you swing that axe is ... pretty impressive ...
Kshar: I was born with an axe in my hand, like most Drak.
<Shara looks at the dead Drak forsaken>
Shara: ... that one, too?
Kshar: Probably. Heh. But he was slow as a drunk sloth.
Shara: Well this guy here was a mage ... fucking bastard!
<She spits on the Human's corpse>
Kshar: Speaking of mages ... where's your human?
Shara: The princess? Pah, probably hiding and crying 'cause of her ruined hair or something ...
<Katharina leans at a tree, sunken down, sobbing>



Alt-text: "He doesn't mean that literally. I hope."

Updated on 2018-01-04: Always keep track of your humans. They tend to get lost easily.

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