<Kshar and Shara stand back to back, bloodstained, and look at the dead forsaken>
Shara: <pants> ... that's all ... right?
Kshar: <huffs> ... Yes, that's all ... Not bad for a thief, Shara ... most just know how to stab and run ... you know how to fight.
Shara: You know what "stab and run" is? SAFER! You could've at least TOLD me you wanted us to lure them out ...
Kshar: I didn't have faith in your acting skills. But I like your fighting style.
<Shara grunts>



Alt-text: "Okay, maybe sometimes not so sparsely ..."

Updated on 2018-01-04: I thought about keeping the original bubble outlines from here on and just replace the text itself, but the bubbles where still pretty jittery at this point, and it would've looked awkward together with the clean(-ish) computer font, I guess. So I'll continue to draw over strangly shaped hand-drawn bubbles and try to make it look like the shape is intended ;)

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