Shara: Hmh ... the snake's sword is crap, but I'd actually feel safer with a shield on my hand ... but I'm already carrying tons of shit.
Kshar: Why're you telling me that, Shara? You hope I'm gonna carry your crap? Next thing you break a leg and expect me to carry YOU ...
<Katharina comes stumbling out of her hiding place, trying to pull herself together>
Katharina: <coughs> Ahem ... I'm ... I'm here ... I'm sorry I didn't help, but, eh ... I wouldn't have been a great ... eh ... help ...
Shara: <wrinkles her nose> Ugh ... great ... you're back.
Katharina: M-maybe we could ... ohgods ...
<Katharina stares at the bloodshed in detail>
Katharina: That's ...
Shara: What?
Katharina: Ngh ... Irg ... HRRGHRL <she turns aside and vomits into a bush>
Shara: ... what a pussy.



Alt-text: "You are over-encumbered and cannot move."

I have no problem drawing lots and lots of blood .... but barf? No way! :o

Updated on 2018-01-05: Death gurgles and barfing sounds - both don't deserve new speech bubbles!

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