Kshar: What's a "pussy"?
Shara: <smirks> Heh. You don't know what a pussy is?
Kshar: <serious> No, should I?
Shara: Eh, right, your "girls" don't have that ... forget it.
Katharina: I-I'm sorry but ...
Katharina: ... c-could we please ... m-move on?
Kshar: Your first good idea ... after paying me, maybe. We should be far away when their comrades find them.
<Kshar gives Katharina a clap on her back, she tries not to vomit again>
Katharina: UGH! Urp ...
Shara: Wait, you mean those bandits weren't alone?
Kshar: No, probably just a part of a larger group. I hope we can avoid more encounters like these ...
Shara: Yeah, we can't always be that lucky ...
Kshar: And the "princess" will probably faint if she sees more blood. <grins>
Shara: Harhar! Hah, yeah ...
Kshar: Tell me what "princess" means, Shara ...
Shara: Um, well ...
<Shara and Kshar start to leave, talking to each other. Katharina is still standing around and trying to cope with her nausea>
Katharina; gulp ...
<Katharina notices the two are already pretty far away from her and she hastily tries to follow them>
Katharina: H-hey, wait ... ! WAIT FOR ME!



Alt-text: "It wasn't really on purpose, but I guess Kshar tried to get the gender article right in panel 4 ..."

Drak "women" lay eggs. Drak "men" fertilize them when they're in the nest. There's one nest for the whole tribe, with the shaman being the one to supervise the hatching and practically being the midwife of all the children.

So while they may have some sort-of-equivalent of a "pussy", they definitely don't have any connotation of it with being weak.

Updated on 2018-01-06

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