Drak “women” lay eggs. Drak “men” fertilize them when they’re in the nest. There’s one nest for the whole tribe, with the schaman being the one to┬ásupervise the hatching and practically being the midwife of all the children.

So while they may have some sort-of-equivalent of a “pussy”, they definitely don’t have any connotation of it with being weak.

Updated on 2018-01-06

↓ Transcript
Kshar: What's a "pussy"?
Shara: <smirks> Heh. You don't know what a pussy is?
Kshar: <serious> No, should I?
Shara: Eh, right, your "girls" don't have that ... forget it.
Katharina: I-I'm sorry but ...
Katharina: ... c-could we please ... m-move on?
Kshar: Your first good idea ... after paying me, maybe. We should be far away when their comrades find them.
<Kshar gives Katharina a clap on her back, she tries not to vomit again>
Katharina: UGH! Urp ...
Shara: Wait, you mean those bandits weren't alone?
Kshar: No, probably just a part of a larger group. I hope we can avoid more encounters like these ...
Shara: Yeah, we can't always be that lucky ...
Kshar: And the "princess" will probably faint if she sees more blood. <grins>
Shara: Harhar! Hah, yeah ...
Kshar: Tell me what "princess" means, Shara ...
Shara: Um, well ...
<Shara and Kshar start to leave, talking to each other. Katharina is still standing around and trying to cope with her nausea>
Katharina; gulp ...
<Katharina notices the two are already pretty far away from her and she hastily tries to follow them>
Katharina: H-hey, wait ... ! WAIT FOR ME!