Another small mistake … Shara thinks “Lurker” instead of “Leaper” … but then again she thought it was lurker until recently she just thought the wrong word, so …. yeah, totally not an accident.

Updated on 2017-09-24: And here we have the 4th type of Common Comic Bubble Types ™: The thought bubble. I thought a while about how to do them so you can easily discern them from the rest, especially the whisper bubbles … I’m not sure if I’ll keep going with the blurred dark grey ones or try something else next time.  We’ll see.

(Also I had to leave an awful lot of white behind in this one when getting rid of the old bubbles … I might have to just make the new ones bigger, even if they’ll have a lot of white space in them, then … )

Updated on 2017-10-03: Like suggested, made the thought bubbles italic and fixed Shara to think of the “Leaper”, that it is ;)

↓ Transcript
<End flashback, Katharina stands alone in her small circle of magic light, Shara hides behind a rock in the dark, the beast hisses from somewhere>
Katharina: <frightened> Shara? H-Help!
Shara: <thinks> Nature's mercy, girl ... scream louder and you'll alert two more beasts ... What kind of pathetic, naive, would-be wizard are you ... Mh ... Could use her as a bait for that lurker. Yeah.
Shara: <thinks> "Fourth Grade" ... bullshit. Fucking magicians. To hell with them. Just like ...
<She hesitates>
Shara: <thinks> ... just like back then ...
<Katharina hears the beast lurking somewhere behind her>
Katharina: W-what was that ... ?
<Shara sighs and continues to watch from cover>