<End flashback, Katharina stands alone in her small circle of magic light, Shara hides behind a rock in the dark, the beast hisses from somewhere>
Katharina: <frightened> Shara? H-Help!
Shara: <thinks> Nature's mercy, girl ... scream louder and you'll alert two more beasts ... What kind of pathetic, naive, would-be wizard are you ... Mh ... Could use her as a bait for that lurker. Yeah.
Shara: <thinks> "Fourth Grade" ... bullshit. Fucking magicians. To hell with them. Just like ...
<She hesitates>
Shara: <thinks> ... just like back then ...
<Katharina hears the beast lurking somewhere behind her>
Katharina: W-what was that ... ?
<Shara sighs and continues to watch from cover>



Alt-text: "Fourth grade should be able to throw a lightning bolt at it! With a minimum caster level of 9!"

Another small mistake ... Shara thinks "Lurker" instead of "Leaper" ... but then again she thought it was lurker until recently she just thought the wrong word, so .... yeah, totally not an accident.

Updated on 2017-09-24: And here we have the 4th type of Common Comic Bubble Types (tm): The thought bubble. I thought a while about how to do them so you can easily discern them from the rest, especially the whisper bubbles ... I'm not sure if I'll keep going with the blurred dark grey ones or try something else next time.  We'll see. (Also I had to leave an awful lot of white behind in this one when getting rid of the old bubbles ... I might have to just make the new ones bigger, even if they'll have a lot of white space in them, then ... ) Updated on 2017-10-03: Like suggested, made the thought bubbles italic and fixed Shara to think of the "Leaper", that it is ;)

2 thoughts on “page7

  1. Maybe also change the text to italic? That’s how text is usually marked as thoughts in prose, so maybe it would also be a option …
    Also: OK, so the “lurker” was totally not an accident … but you could of course still “correct” it now ^^ Or put it into quotation marks to make clear that she thinks it kind of ironically …

    1. Good ideas, updated it again :) I just corrected the word to “leaper” … not much value in the other option I think.

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