Aaand there’s a typo in the first panel. Fixed it in the transcript. I don’t have the nerve to pull out the drawing again, overpaint it and scan it again … not for something so old ;)

Updated on 2017-09-23: And now … the typo is fixed! (Sorry for how the last bubble in the first panel looks like, the original one was just … waaaaaaaaaay to big.)

↓ Transcript
<Flash forward, two hours ago, Katharina and Shara are standing in front of a cave>
Katharina: Sooo ... that's your shortcut?
Shara: Yeah. Spares a whole day. But as I said, there yould be ... living things inside.
Katharina: Um.
Shara: Scared, magician?
Katharina: I ... well, no ...
<Flash forward, one hour earlier, they're in the cave and Katharina casts her magic light>
Katharina: ookay. But not more than this.
Shara: Meh, bright enough for the moment.
Katharina: You DO know what's up ahead, right ... ?
Shara: ... sure. Caves.
<Flash forward, five minutes earlyer>
Katharina: You ... heard that?
Shara: Yeah. Some animal ahead. Stay silent and keep my light steady. I need to see.
Katharina: But -
Shara: Shut up, keep steady!
Katharina: O-okay. Sure.