Katharina: <panicked> Shara?! I-i don't see it anymore! H-help!!
<You see the beasts tail slithering in the darkness>
Katharina: <panicked> You're supposed to defend me!! ... please?!
<Flashback, two weeks earlyer, a room in a town, Shara and Katharina talking>
Shara: I'm not gonna defend you, magician. At least if I would risk my life with it.
Katharina: You don't have to ... it's just safer to ... not travel alone. I'm offering you to travel with me, you'll get the money when we arrive.
Shara: And why'd you ask me? There's a tavern full of "Adventurers" in this town.
Katharina: I don't need an adventure, I just need to get to Blackshire. And you seemed, er ... at least a bit trustworthy.
<Shara looks reluctant>
Shara: That is dangerously naive, magician.
Katharina: I am ... optimistic by nature.
Shara: <disgusted> Ugh. Promise me you don't spread that shit and I'm in.



Alt-text: "That's right, Katharina. When you travel as a group it's safer, because you can use the others as a bait for monsters to escape."

Updated on 2017-09-20: I really don't know what I thought with the speech bubbles in this one back then. This is the best I could make out of them, sorry :)

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