↓ Transcript
Shara: Can you tell no one else, though? I don't want to get LYNCHED for being possessed or anything like that!
Katharina: No one will do that, Shara!
Shara: ... are you SURE?
Katharina: I ... I wouldn't LET them do that!
Shara: Please don't tell them, Kat! PLEASE. At least for now.
Katharina: O-okay. But what about FERNANDA and CHRIS? They have seen you SPACE OUT down there ... and PESH has also noticed you acting strange since that thing with the field.
Shara: Ugh. Then tell them ... tell them that I saw some IMAGES or whatever. Then you have a reason to say it's dangerous and not let anyone touch it. Just don't tell them about Gideon.
Katharina: I ...
Shara: PLEASE.
Katharina: OKAY. Okay, I promise. I just hope I won't regret that ...
Shara: Me too, Kat ...
Katharina: I ... need to speak to the Lieutenant about security measures for the tomb. Are you coming with me?
Shara: I think I'll just sit here for a bit ...
Katharina: I'll be taking the light.
Shara: That's fine. Maybe I'll fall asleep. I'm so TIRED ...
Katharina: ... A-alright. Yeah. That sounds good. I'll look after you in a bit.
Shara: You're gonna tell Pesh to keep an eye on me, won't you?
Katharina: M-MAYBE.
Shara: <sighs> It's fine, do what you gotta do, BOSS LADY. Just let me have a few moments of quiet, will ya?