↓ Transcript
Shara: So ... ... what happens NOW?
Katharina: Oh LHÛN ...
Shara: I guess we have to leave it in the tomb? And don't let anybody wander in there? I mean we don't know who ELSE it's going to try and speak to, right?
Shara: I ... don't think he's trying to speak to anyone but me.
Katharina: You don't know that for sure! It also might try and change its strategy now that you didn't ... you know.
Shara: ... take it and KILL ALL OF YOU?
Katharina: T-that's NOT FUNNY, Shara! This is all very alarming!
Shara: I ... I know it SOUNDS that way. And I don't really understand it either. But I have a feeling that he - THE SWORD - he doesn't wanna HARM us. He just wants to get out of here. And away from ... HER.
Katharina: "HER"?
Shara: Yeah. The EMPRESS, I guess? That down there was one of her generals, didn't you say that? Maybe he just doesn't want to be a weapon for the Baroc anymore.
Katharina: That ... that COULD all be true. And I fully believe that YOU believe it, Shara. But it sounds like this is an INTELLIGENT ARTIFACT - and a TELEPATHICALLY ACTIVE one at that. That is as RARE as it is DANGEROUS. And I can't just TAKE YOUR WORD for it ...
Katharina: I have a responsibility to all these people here. I'm sorry.
Shara: <sighs> It's ... fine. I wouldn't trust myself either after this.
Katharina: I ... I'm sorry.