We’re back in the jungle! And once again, this is supposed to be later in the same evening as the last part (’cause that’s not a conversation that can wait until the next morning, I guess), but the last few pages were at daylight, so …. time difference again, I guess? Or just a little jump backwards/forwards? I guess they’re too close to Serpent’s End for a real time difference …


… doesn’t matter. Look at Shara go, talking about things and stuff instead of keeping everything to herself!


↓ Transcript
<In the ruins, Shara is sitting outside the tomb in the night. Katharina stands in front of her, her staff shedding light and leaning on the wall behind them>
Katharina: SO ... You are saying this artifact is ... SPEAKING to you.
Shara: ... yeah.
Katharina: And it has for quite a while.
Shara: Yes.
Katharina: And it ... WANTED you to find it. And ... free it from this tomb?
Shara: Basically.
Katharina: And it also pretended to be this ... OLD FRIEND of yours. Gideon?
Shara: He didn't ... well, KINDA, yeah. It's more complicated than that!
Katharina: But you still feel like ... YOURSELF?
Shara: What's THAT supposed to mean?
Katharina: I mean do you think it's trying to ... INFLUENCE you?
Shara: I don't know. I don't THINK so?
Katharina: But you're not SURE.
Shara: Well ... NO. How the fuck could I be?
Katharina: That's ... a good point.
Katharina: I ... <long pause> ... holy living CRAP, Shara.
Shara: ... fair enough.