<In the ruins, Shara is sitting outside the tomb in the night. Katharina stands in front of her, her staff shedding light and leaning on the wall behind them>
Katharina: SO ... You are saying this artifact is ... SPEAKING to you.
Shara: ... yeah.
Katharina: And it has for quite a while.
Shara: Yes.
Katharina: And it ... WANTED you to find it. And ... free it from this tomb?
Shara: Basically.
Katharina: And it also pretended to be this ... OLD FRIEND of yours. Gideon?
Shara: He didn't ... well, KINDA, yeah. It's more complicated than that!
Katharina: But you still feel like ... YOURSELF?
Shara: What's THAT supposed to mean?
Katharina: I mean do you think it's trying to ... INFLUENCE you?
Shara: I don't know. I don't THINK so?
Katharina: But you're not SURE.
Shara: Well ... NO. How the fuck could I be?
Katharina: That's ... a good point.
Katharina: I ... <long pause> ... holy living CRAP, Shara.
Shara: ... fair enough.



Alt-text: "I breifly debated giving Kat an F-bomb in the last panel, but we're not quite there yet ..."

We're back in the jungle! And once again, this is supposed to be later in the same evening as the last part ('cause that's not a conversation that can wait until the next morning, I guess), but the last few pages were at daylight, so .... time difference again, I guess? Or just a little jump backwards/forwards? I guess they're too close to Serpent's End for a real time difference ...  

... doesn't matter. Look at Shara go, talking about things and stuff instead of keeping everything to herself!  

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  1. I’m very proud of Shara!
    And I’m proud of the character development Katharina shows here *ggg*

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