I’m not quite sure how much of this is Maarm thinking differently and how much is them not knowing the language 100%. I guess it doesn’t matter that much :)


This was just a little reminder to not forget poor Halen, next week we’ll be back to our main ladies – and the fallout of Shara finally (hopefully?) talking to Kat about stuff.


Also, Maarm now has an entry on the cast page! See if you can find them! (Geez I do have a lot of characters already)


Stay tuned and stay safe!

↓ Transcript
Halen: Oh gods ... please, PLEASE keep this to yourself, will you?
Maarm: Of course I will!
Halen: I just don't ... he gets so ANGRY. Towards ME. He always had a short temper but this ... this HURTS.
Maarm: That sounds like he is thorny.
Halen: ... THORNY?
Maarm: He made himself some thorns. They hurt you when you are close ... but I don't think he made them for you.
Halen: You're probably right, dear ... I just wish after ALL THESE YEARS he would have learned to be a little bit more thoughtful with these "thorns". At least around ME. I always stood with him, no matter what he did. And now I ... I don't know if I can DO that anymore ... or if he even WANTS me to. I don't know if I am as important to him as I thought.
Maarm: I think you are. Maybe he bites you extra hard so you don't get into danger with him?
Halen: You mean ... he wants to protect me?
Maarm: Maybe? I'm often not sure why people do what they do.
Halen: ... me neither, Maarm. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I do, but ... no.
Maarm: Really? That's surprising. I thought I was the only one!
Halen: ... I never know when you are joking.