The random drak guild member has a name!

And welcome to chapter six … we’ll start of with a quick look at Halen and his own set of troubles. And apparently he’s really bad at keeping secrets.

↓ Transcript
<Serpent's End, Halen and Maarm share a drink>
Maarm: ... you don't like the frostclaw, do you? I think it dances really cute with the red tea. But maybe it's just me?
Halen: Hmh.
Maarm: It's so ... BLUE and FRESH! I thought it'd be perfect for you. I'm sorry, shall I make you a different one?
Halen: ... I'm sorry, dear, what did you say?
Maarm: The drink! You obviously didn't like it ... you have stopped after one sip.
Halen: Oh, nono! Your cocktails are as wonderful as ever! This is fantastic.
Maarm: But then ... are you sad? You smell sad.
Halen: <sighs> Not sad, just ... WORRIED. Can I ask you something, Maarm?
Maarm: Of course!
Halen: There is ... SOMEONE I KNOW. He has a REALLY BIG problem, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Or accept any help. In fact he gets very ANGRY and DEFENSIVE each time I try to help. And I don't know what to do! I want to respect his wishes but I also ... can not watch it anymore!
Maarm: ... is it Gregor?
Halen: What? H-HOW -
Maarm: There is only one person who can give you THAT face.