<Gregor is struggling>
<Halen touches his hand>
<Halen wipes away a bit of his tears>
Gregor: Halen ... I didn't mean to -
Halen: It's alright.
<Halen hugs Gregor>
Halen: <whispers> It's going to be alright.
<They just hug for a while>



Alt-text: "It's the skill Halen has the highest bonus in."

Sometimes you just need to take a little break from all the complex emotional arguing and just ... hug.

Whatever came before, whatever comes next.    

One thought on “page383

  1. Actually, it’s kind of like he /invented/ that skill … it comes to him so naturally, like breathing, it seems.
    I’m not sure if I envy him or not.

    … for sure I absolutely love him <3

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