<a little later, Gregor is sitting, defeated, with a glass in his hand. Halen is sitting in front of him>
Gregor: It wasn't just that I wanted to protect you. I also ... feared what you might think of me.
Halen: I admit that letter ... SHOOK me. Is it really true what Lady Violet wrote in there?
Gregor: More or less. Not that SHE didn't have enough of a hand in it, too.
Halen: So you ... you really K-KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE to get rid of the Black Fist?
Gregor: That's not what they were called back then. Are you SURE you want to know?
Halen: ... y-yes. Yes, Gregor. I just want to UNDERSTAND.
<Gregor stares into his glass and begins narrating>
Gregor: It was maybe twenty years ago ... the Mages' Guild only had a single seat in the council of Goldhaven. We were struggling to keep our place in this world. The HUMANS and TYR'ENN would have loved to kick us out completely while VASUGAR and SVIN tried to push us into pledging loyalty to them.
<Gregor narrates while we see some people rallying a crowd in a street>
Gregor: And it wasn't much better on the streets ... there was a group called the "BARE HAND" that spouted propaganda against us and grew in influence each day. And the rest of the council didn't give a DAMN about it. At least at first.
<We see a riot, with angry people and burning buildings>
Gregor: They underestimated the amount of chaos those "BARE HAND" people sowed ... and how much of the criminal underground they had behind them. Soon it turned against the rest of the council, too, and they had a full scale RIOT on their hands. All of Goldhaven was in danger of being TORN APART.
<We see a young Gregor Peck, hiding behind a barred window>
Gregor: Those days were what they call "THT TURMOILS". And I was right in it. YOUNG and SCARED. And trying to find a way for the Guild to SURVIVE.



Alt-text: "Look at that dashing young fellow in panel six!"

We are not done with these two. It's flashback time! Isn't it great how everyone finally opens up about their secrets? Maybe if it continues this way this chapter doesn't need to be that bloody after all ...

I reused the style from the last narration we had because I thought it's kinda neat, as long as I don't overuse it. (I hope I'm not overusing it in the next few pages ...)

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