<Gregor continues narrating, we see a young Gregor Peck and Alistair Coumi>
Gregor: Did I ever tell you about ALISTAIR COUMI? He was a friend of mine back then. We were always trying to keep the guild afloat ... through ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Sometimes that meant collaborating with the seedier parts of the city. We tried to never cross some lines, but it was DIFFICULT. Especially because half of the underground was already backing up the Bare Hand movement ... we were DESPARATE for help.
<We see a young Lady Violet>
Gregor: Amanda Hoffrin - LADY VIOLET - was one of those contacts. And when the riots started and the mob was RUNNING WILD, she offered us a way out. A WEAPON. ... I knew from the very first moment that we couldn't trust her. But we needed something, ANYTHING to give us an edge in this. To prove to the council that we had VALUE.
<We see some old and party broken magic machinery below the city>
Gregor: Many people know that Goldhaven is built on several layers on Tyr'Enn ruins. Not many know that buried deep beneath it are some MECHANISMS that still work. At least PARTIALLY. DEFENSE MECHANISMS. Amanda had stumbled across those, but only OUR GUILD had the knowledge and resources to get some of them to work again. They were ANCIENT, and none of us had any idea about their EXACT POTENTIAL ... but it was just too good of an opportunity.
<Back to Gregor's face as he's narrating>
Gregor: Alistair was against using it. He said it was just TOO DANGEROUS. But I was CONVINCED we could make it work - without causing TOO MUCH damage. I went to the council and proudly proclaimed that we had a way to SNUFF OUT the most violent protests before someone had to send in their ARMY and this would become a CIVIL WAR. I managed to convince them and even got them to promise us a better place in the council in return, should it work.
Halen: A-and ... DID it work?
Gregor: It did. It just cost a lot.



Alt-text: "Amanda always was a pretty tall woman. I bet she loved being able to look down on pretty much anyone (besides Drak)"

I kind of feel obligated to mention: what we are witnessing here is Gregor's version of those events. It might be very different from the way Alistair would tell it ... or Lady Violet ... or one of the people who was in that "mob". It might be even different from the way a 30 year old Gregor would have told it. It is in no way objective, neither in what exactly happened, nor in if the things that happened were good.  

I wonder if Halen was prepared for something like that.

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  1. I guess Halen is an intelligent guy, and he knew very well that something that Gregor tries to hide from him can’t be all shiny and nice (although that weapon looks like some quite shiny, if maybe dark, crystal … uh, away, Augra!).

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