Alt-text: "Amanda always was a pretty tall woman. I bet she loved being able to look down on pretty much anyone (besides Drak)"

I kind of feel obligated to mention: what we are witnessing here is Gregor's version of those events. It might be very different from the way Alistair would tell it ... or Lady Violet ... or one of the people who was in that "mob". It might be even different from the way a 30 year old Gregor would have told it. It is in no way objective, neither in what exactly happened, nor in if the things that happened were good.  

I wonder if Halen was prepared for something like that.

One thought on “page385

  1. I guess Halen is an intelligent guy, and he knew very well that something that Gregor tries to hide from him can’t be all shiny and nice (although that weapon looks like some quite shiny, if maybe dark, crystal … uh, away, Augra!).

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