Well that was a nice chat they had … at least now Halen finally knows what’s up. I just feel maybe not all the right lessons were learned by some people involved …

Next week we’ll be back in the jungle for a bit. So don’t miss it!


(Once again just to be clear: I really don’t encourage violence against protesters. And what Gregor and his guys did was basically blowing up whole city blocks to get rid of them …)

↓ Transcript
<Gregor keeps narrating, we see fires exploding in the city>
Gregor: The defense mechanisms were old, broken, and we barely understood any of them. We DID manage to hit those self-proclaimed "rebels" where they were gathering their armies of angry thugs to LOOT and PILLAGE the whole city ... but they were not precise strikes. Things got OUT OF HAND. Fires started throughout the city. A lot of people died. But it did do its job.
<We see the city guard moving against protesters>
Gregor: The council managed to keep things under control and restore peace. And they held their word: the Mages' Guild had its place in Goldhaven secured. It never got out how those fires REALLY started. The rest of the council probably didn't WANT to know. But LADY VIOLET knew. Alistair and I couldn't talk to each other after the whole thing. we both left Goldhaven ... him for Blackshire and me for Serpent's End.
<We are back in the present>
Gregor: But Amanda ... if she ever decides to tell her version of what happened it will not just be the end of ME, but possibly the WHOLE GUILD. And I can't let that happen, Halen. I CAN'T!
Halen: I ... I don't know what to say! I mean that is ... i-it sounds HORRIBLE. You ... you helped kill a LOT of people! INNOCENT ones, too!
Gregor: I know. But I don't know what ELSE I could have done. We can all just do what seems best in the moment, Halen. And right now that means not letting Amanda TAKE CONTROL OF THIS CITY.
Halen: But ... you can't hide this! It will come out EVENTUALLY! If you make a statement YOURSELF then she can't -
Gregor: Oh, Halen, NO. I envy your optimisim, but she already has half of our council behind her. She will be ready to twist any revelation against us.
Halen: B-but ... we can't just NOT ...
Gregor: HALEN. I know this is a lot. But I DID tell you everything. And you DID promise me you'd be at me side. ALWAYS.
Halen: I-I did ...
Gregor: So PLEASE help me keep this a secret. Help me STOP her!
Gregor: Not for me - but for the CITY. For the GUILD. CAN I COUNT ON YOU?
Halen: I ... I-I guess.