<A few days later in the jungle, Katharina and Prof. Brahms are looking at the blade from the tomb, which is now kept in a tent>
Brahms: And you are sure that it was a good idea to take it out of the tomb?
Katharina: It seemed very PASSIVE the last days. It showed no signs of activity. In fact it even seemed to ... CALM DOWN once we got it out of that chamber.
Brahms: I'm not sure how good of a sign that is ... but I guess we'll have to trust your judgement on that.
Katharina: It should be fine as long as you keep a certain distance. And DON'T touch it directly. Also someone with telepathic ability will be outside the tent at all times in case it stirs again.
Katharina: ... Professor Queahn really didn't want to take another look at it? I REALLY could use his expertise right now ...
Brahms: He still insist on staying in his tent. He prefers to study ... INDIRECTLY through our descriptions and sketches.
Brahms: He also strongly advises that we should ABANDON this site and LEAVE. He demanded that I relay that to you. AGAIN.
Katharina: <sighs> ... noted. Did he have anything else ... ? Something a bit more ... CONSTRUCTIVE?
Brahms: Oh yes, apart from that he now agrees with your theory ... the person buried here seems to have had a high position in the empire. But in their final moments they and their following must have experienced some kind of ... SCHISM. We might have actually found your TRAITOR GENERAL.
Katharina: Great. Now that leads to ANOTHER question ...
Brahms: ... how this is all possible if the person buried there was clearly a BYZARIAN?
Katharina: ... RIGHT.



Alt-text: "Prof. Quean's last note was: 'The markings you described on the hilt seem to match our estimated creation date during the last expansion period of the Empire. PS: WE SHOULD LEAVE, NOW'"

It seems they managed to (carefully) lift that thing out of the sarcophagus it was in!

... were you able to tell that that was a byzarian skeleton in there?  

Also you might remember how the other professor, Queahn, had some issues with that tomb and/or what's inside of it ... but his fears seem to be unfounded. So far.

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