<Shara was waiting outside the tent for Katharina to come by>
Shara: So ... any further insights?
Katharina: Not really ... I mean all we can do is form THEORIES. That's how it always goes. When you're dealing with something that far back you can never REALLY be sure.
Shara: UNLESS ... you can ask someone who was ACTUALLY THERE.
Katharina: <sighs> For the last time, Shara, we CAN'T. We just don't know enough about this artifact. It's TOO RISKY right now.
Shara: But isn't this the best that could happen to you? You came here for some STONE CARVINGS or CLAY SHARDS ... and now you got an actual ... how's it called ... CONTRARY WITNESS!
Katharina: You mean "Contemporary Witness". And I can't say I'm not TEMPTED, but ...
Shara: Look, I get it. It's DANGEROUS. But he ALREADY spoke to me. Just let me go into that tent and talk a bit MORE. You can have all your guards stand watch and tackle me as soon as I get CRAZY EYES or something.
Katharina: Well If he - I mean IT already talked to you while we were down there ... then why do you need to get close AGAIN?
Shara: I just think there is a lot more he could show me ... more details of what REALLY went down. Don't you want to know what ACTUALLY HAPPENED?
Katharina: I do, but -
Shara: I could tell you who that person in the sarcophagus was ... it was the swords LAST OWNER, you know.
Katharina: Well ... since he was BURIED WITH IT that was kind of obvious ...
Shara: Oh, don't be a JACKASS, Kat! I wasn't done.



Alt-text: "C'mon Kat ... ask the creepy artifact. All the cool kids are doing it these days!"

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