Shara: It was a woman. I'm not exactly sure, but I think she came from the desert ... probably Soaleyvin. She BETRAYED them and started serving the empire. And that sword was a gift to her from the EMPRESS HERSELF. It ... it was made using a bit of her power.
Katharina: What does that mean?
Shara: I don't know. But the important thing is ... that woman betrayed the empress, too. Using THAT weapon. And then she died here.
Katharina: How do you know all that? Did ... did the artifact tell you?
Shara: I think so. But it's all a bit BLURRY. Like ... like I DREAMT of it but I can't fully remember anymore. The details are hard to make out. But the gist is there.
Katharina: And you ... you believe all of it? I mean ... how do you know it's telling the truth?
Shara: Well, why would he lie to me about that? Besides it kinda makes sense. It matches up with the story of the traitor they tell back home. And it explains why there's a female byzarian skeleton in empire armor lying around down there, doesn't it?
Katharina: It WOULD match our findings here ...
Shara: Right? I KNOW why you're so careful. But I'm sure he could tell us so much MORE. Just think about it.
Katharina: ... RIGHT.
Katharina: So ... what is this story about a traitor? I don't think I have heard that one yet.
Shara: Well ... it's a SOALEYVIN thing. There is this LITTLE GIRL who gets captured by the SNAKES ... I THINK it was a girl.
Katharina: Does she have a name?
Shara: I'm sure she does. I just ... don't REMEMBER it right now. Anyway she ... um. Well she turns up later fighting FOR them. Betraying her people and stuff. Yeah.
Katharina: ... that was it?
Shara: Look, I'm not a good storyteller, okay?!



Alt-text: "You know the story, the one where that person did that thing and then stuff happened ..."

In case you were wondering how that byzarian lady in that sarcophagus looked like while she was still alive - I drew her a while back.

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  1. Maybe Tiara-boy should tell that story; he’s probably a better storyteller with his swift tongue … uhm.

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