I really like the expressions in this one :)

↓ Transcript
Shara: WHATEVER. Go and ask PESH if you want to ... I bet he can tell the story much better.
Katharina: ... but it's kind of FUN watching you struggle.
Shara: Yeah FUCK YOU.
Katharina: <chuckles> ... so how does the story end?
Shara: Hmh. I think it's kinda ... whatdyacallit ... CONTROVERSIAL? Some HATE her because she's a traitor and say she died in the war, together with the Empress ... and some think she SAVED everyone by killing the snake bitch herself.
Katharina: REALLY?
Shara: ... kinda matches up with the thing you said earlier about one of her generals turning on her, huh?
Katharina: It DOES, yes. If that's true that is ... QUITE THE STORY.
Shara: <grins> ... you're THINKING about it, ain't you?
Katharina: W-what? No! I mean like I said: right now it's just too -
Shara: Oh girl, when you're looking THAT aroused you're either thinking about SEXY HISTORY or SEXY MISTER BOOK.
Katharina: SHARA!
Shara: Tell you what: YOU let me touch the sword and I tell you what I see. Book can be there, too, and you two can MAKE LOVE while I whisper SWEET BORING HISTORY into your ear. That's GOT to be your dream, right?
Katharina: <blushing> OOOOKAY! You know what? I'm going to GO now. LOTS of stuff to do.
<Katharina throws up her arms and leaves>
Shara: <shouting after her> Oh come on, why don't you TRY IT OUT? Just a LITTLE BIT, just to see how it FEELS!
Katharina: SEE YOU SHARA!