<Katharina is taking a stroll through the forest around the camp>
Katharina: <thinking> ... what if Shara is right? It doesn't seem hostile so far ... although it does worry me how much she ALREADY seems to be attached to it. And that thing with her dead lover? HOO BOY ...
Katharina: <thinking> ... and why did she have to make a SEX JOKE out of it again?! I suppose it's a sign she's still HERSELF ... but STILL. And now she's got me thinking about that poor Mr. Book again ... he is WAY TOO NICE to be working with that Lady Violet ...
Katharina: <thinking> UGH! You've got way more serious things to worry about right now! And you STILL don't know if you can really trust him! So just DON'T think about Mr. Book and -
<Katharina comes out behind a tree and looks to her right. There is Book sitting right there, just putting his shirt back on. Both look at each other, shocked.>
Katharina: GAAAAAH!
<Katharina retreats back behind the tree while Book hastily puts his shirt on>
Book: I am SO sorry, Miss Grauch! I was just having a bath, I didn't know you were nearby!
Katharina: I-it's alright! You just ... er ... STARTLED me!



Alt-text: "I could have gone into a very different direction with this chapter and called it 'Like Rabbits'"

Look at that skinny, freckled chest, Kat!

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    They are so cute! I really hope they get their chance!

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