Book: Again, I am TERRIBLY sorry ...
Katharina: Nono ... that was MY fault. I was in thoughts and didn't look where I was going ...
Book: Oh. I hope they were at least ... er ... NICE THOUGHTS?
Katharina: UM.
<She manages to pull her eyes from his open shirt>
Book: ... Were you pondering your archeological findings?
Katharina: YES! Yes THAT was what I was thinking about! Mostly. Among other things.
Book: How EXCITING! I heard you uncovered some kind of EXTRAORDINARY ARTIFACT?
Katharina: Wait - how did you know about THAT?
Book: Um ... well, word spreads pretty quickly throughout the camp ... in fact Professor Queahn made it sound like it was something quite ... er ... DANGEROUS
... ?
Katharina: <sighs> ... of COURSE he did.
Book: So ... I'm not going to ask if it is CURSED, because I don't want you to get angry at me, but ...
Katharina: <smirks> ... but you want to know if it is cursed?
Book: Um.
Katharina: It ... is not. It IS magical, though. We are not yet sure what exactly it does, but we'll find out. Because that's why we are here, isn't it?
Book: ... of course!



Alt-text: "Seems like she heeded my advice from last week."

To give Book credit, he is always happy to drop a subject without any comment if Kat wants him to. He just happened to jump right to the next touchy one ...

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  1. Back on safe turf … ancient curses, magical items …

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