Katharina: Mr. Book ... did you know what we were going to find here?
Book: What? Er, NO. How could I?
Katharina: Lady Hoffrin's people found these ruins, didn't they? Well ... YES. But we didn't have any idea what we would find here, I swear.
Katharina: Wich just means that she didn't TELL you, not that she didn't KNOW.
Book: I ... er ... I guess? But wasn't this whole thing under a magic spell before you broke through? Our scouts couldn't even have gotten in there ... thus the cooperation with the guild!
Katharina: I guess you are right. I am sorry, I didn't mean to ... question your employer.
Book: It's okay Miss Grauch. I get why you do. She doesn't have the best REPUTATION, so to speak. And to be honest that is not ... ENTIRELY UNDESERVED. She DOES have a habit of SKIRTING THE LAW from time to time ... she tries to keep me from seeing too much but I ... notice things.
Katharina: What kinds of things?
Book: I ... things that are not entirely ... I mean ...
Book: L-look Miss Grauch, I would LOVE to talk more but ... but I don't think it is my place to talk about this right now. I'm sure you have MUCH more important things on your mind anyways.
<He backs away nervously>
Katharina: <thinking> He's afraid of her!
Katharina: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.
Katharina: <thinking> I think he really likes me. Am I taking advantage of that? I feel kind of guilty ...



Alt-text: "Gee, you think he likes you, really?"

Next week we'll switch scenes again ... but what a scene it'll be! I can't wait to show you the next couple of pages :)

(It'd just post them in one go but then all of my buffer would be gone ...)

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