Right, there was another open conflict still brewing … and this one might not be talked over as easily.

In case you need a little reminder of the dilemma Dragoon Na’Ki was last in … it seems she has made her choice. Let’s see how it goes.

↓ Transcript
<Somewhere far away, nighttime. Dragoon Na'Ki recalls Dragoon Captain Bhar's words>
Bhar's words: "Sister. You are a DRAGOON. Are you ready to FULFILL YOUR DUTY?"
<Na'Ki approaches Maq, who sits at a cliff, facing away>
Bhar's words: "I can't let you near HER anymore. You have already been to close. But you are still one of us. So you are going to take care of MAQ while we attack."
<She grips her glaive tighter>
Bhar's words: "Don't let us down."
<She grabs him by the shoulderpad>
Maq: WHAT -
Maq: - Oh, it's YOU. How can I ...
<He looks her in the eyes>
Maq: ... what is the matter?
Na'Ki: We need to go. The Gena is in danger.