<Somewhere far away, nighttime. Dragoon Na'Ki recalls Dragoon Captain Bhar's words>
Bhar's words: "Sister. You are a DRAGOON. Are you ready to FULFILL YOUR DUTY?"
<Na'Ki approaches Maq, who sits at a cliff, facing away>
Bhar's words: "I can't let you near HER anymore. You have already been to close. But you are still one of us. So you are going to take care of MAQ while we attack."
<She grips her glaive tighter>
Bhar's words: "Don't let us down."
<She grabs him by the shoulderpad>
Maq: WHAT -
Maq: - Oh, it's YOU. How can I ...
<He looks her in the eyes>
Maq: ... what is the matter?
Na'Ki: We need to go. The Gena is in danger.



Alt-text: "They say the moon is a harsh mistress ... but there's an even harsher one around."

Right, there was another open conflict still brewing ... and this one might not be talked over as easily.

In case you need a little reminder of the dilemma Dragoon Na'Ki was last in ... it seems she has made her choice.

Let's see how it goes.

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