Alt-text: "Shara still has a lot to learn about the mind of a nerd."

Historically, I pretty much glossed over the fact that people are speaking different languages in Yra ... Katharina, Shara and pretty much everyone else near where they currently are knows at least enough of the human language and some dialect ob byzarian to get along (and the scenes with Ki'i'Mar and Co ... we'll they're all speaking tyr'enn, of course).

But there are different languages ... the Serpent Empire has its own one, and a pretty old one at that. Since Serpent's End is pretty close to the Wall and has a sizeable Baroc population it can also come in handy to learn their language when growing up there.

Shara, of course, has grown up quite a ways away and doesn't know more baroc than a few phrases. Luckily, there's Gideon ... (Katharina might actually know some more baroc and tyr'enn, considering she studied them for a while).  

Reminder: I will take a break between the years, thus the next two weeks I will just upload some sketches ... regular updates will resume on 2021-01-10!

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