<A few days later, at the expedition, Professor Queahn is sitting at the fire by night>
<Guard Bac'Bessh approaches the Professor>
Bac'Bessh: ... still up so late, Professor?
Queahn: W-WHO ... ? Oh. You're one of our Guards. Yes ... I don't really sleep that well right now.
Bac'Bessh: Yeah ... I get that. Can I ... sit here for a moment?
Queahn: Sure, young one. Go ahead.
Bac'Bessh: LOOK, Professor. Can I ask you something? Do you also feel like ... something is not RIGHT here? Toyhe and the others think I'm PARANOID, but you ... you feel it, too, right?
Queahn: ... did you grow up in the Empire, lad?
Bac'Bessh: Er ... no. I was born in Serpent's End.
Queahn: I thought so.
Bac'Bessh: But You can still FEEL it ... all of our people can. Something CONNECTS us to our home ... and the same goes for THIS PLACE. We ... SHOULDN'T BE HERE.
Bac'Bessh: ... s-so you think it really IS CURSED?
Queahn: I don't know. My tongue is just telling me that we should leave here, SOON. I have been trying to WARN Miss Grauch and my friend Cornelius but they don't believe me. They just don't have OUR BLOOD ... let us pray that they see reason. Before something happens. If only we had someone left to pray to ...



Alt-text: "Baroc do tend to talk about blood a lot, don't they ..."

Remember Bac'Bessh? He had about one other page he appeared on before!  

Announcement: Once again, I will be taking two weeks of between the years, so there will be no regular updates on 2020-12-27 and 2021-01-03, just sketches.

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