Ki'i'Mar: THAT'S what I like to hear. Now let's go, we still have a lot of way ahead of us.
Na'Ki: But ... won't we be much slower without ... the others?
Ki'i'Mar: We will ... that's why we're going to need a little BOOST.
<She turns and walks towards Thelle and Mannec, who are in a really bad shape and partially fused together>
Ki'i'Mar: LOOK AT THEM. It's actually kinda sweet ... they liked each other SO MUCH. More than siblings SHOULD, I guess. And now they'll go out together ... ARM IN ARM. Literally.
Ki'i'Mar: Admittedly there's not much left in them anymore ... but even two unconcious Dragoons going nova will give us enough for a NICE, LONG JUM SOUTHWARDS!
<She starts a spell>
<Everything is starting to glow, she holds her hand out to Na'Ki, who is taking it with a smile>
Ki'i'Mar: Come on, dear. TIME TO GO.
<They disappear in a bright flash of light>
<They leave behind a giant, smoking crater in the shoreline>



Alt-text: "Whatever she has done to those poor siblings is some form of magic that we haven't really seen before ... and with luck we might never ever see it in detail."

Talk about going out with a bang ... And thus we have succesfully reduced the Gena's fellowship from eight to two.  

Next week we'll jump back to our expedition in the jungle ... and we are going to start a portion of the story that I have been working towards for a very, very long time. I'm really excited!

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  1. Admit it, you were just tired of having to draw so many different characters!

    Anyways … *brrrrrr*! Kitty urgently needs to get a leash on!

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