Talk about going out with a bang …

And thus we have succesfully reduced the Gena’s fellowship from eight to two.


Next week we’ll jump back to our expedition in the jungle … and we are going to start a portion of the story that I have been working towards for a very, very long time. I’m really excited!

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: THAT'S what I like to hear. Now let's go, we still have a lot of way ahead of us.
Na'Ki: But ... won't we be much slower without ... the others?
Ki'i'Mar: We will ... that's why we're going to need a little BOOST.
<She turns and walks towards Thelle and Mannec, who are in a really bad shape and partially fused together>
Ki'i'Mar: LOOK AT THEM. It's actually kinda sweet ... they liked each other SO MUCH. More than siblings SHOULD, I guess. And now they'll go out together ... ARM IN ARM. Literally.
Ki'i'Mar: Admittedly there's not much left in them anymore ... but even two unconcious Dragoons going nova will give us enough for a NICE, LONG JUM SOUTHWARDS!
<She starts a spell>
<Everything is starting to glow, she holds her hand out to Na'Ki, who is taking it with a smile>
Ki'i'Mar: Come on, dear. TIME TO GO.
<They disappear in a bright flash of light>
<They leave behind a giant, smoking crater in the shoreline>