Alt-text: "I feel like I should have made some kind of HTTP joke for page 404 ... but I didn't find any."

Mind control through telepathics works a bit like reaper indoctrination in Mass Effect ... if you just brute force into someone's mind it will do a lot of damage and the subject will probably not retain useful for long (Unless you want to keep them as a literal puppet to micromanage).

If you start subtly, on the other hand, and slowly and patiently work your way on from there they might not even see it happening until it is too late ... and by that time they've internalized your will enough that they can still act independently within that frame. It is an incredibly devious thing to do to someone, but luckily also far above most mages' capabilities.

Ki'i'mar has obviously started this a long time ago for poor Na'Ki ... what we see here is her closing the bag with a final push.

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