<we are back with Na'Ki and Ki'i'Mar after an excrutiating night for the other dragoons. Captain Bhar lies dead in front of the Gena, Thelle and Mannec are a bit back, barely alive>
<Ki'i'Mar's hands are still smoking from magic and covered in blood>
Ki'i'Mar: Oh, EX-CAPTAIN Bhar ... I would have LOVED to draw this out even longer ... but we are in kind of a rush. Aren't we, Na'Ki?
<Na'Ki has stands beside her, clutching her burned side. Ki'i'Mar is cleaning the blood off.>
Na'Ki: Gena ... ?
Ki'i'Mar: That's "Mistress" for you now.
Na'Ki: I-I'm sorry. Was ... did Maq really do a NOVA there?
Ki'i'Mar: Pretty impressive, wasn't it? I LOVE a good nova. Drawing upon ALL of your energy until there is NOTHING LEFT OF YOU? The ULTIMATE ACT OF DEVOTION.
Na'Ki: But ... I thought that was IMPOSSIBLE to actually do! That you are always dead before you can finish it!
Ki'i'Mar: Well, I did DUDGE a bit. Once you're FAR ENOUGH you can't stop it anymore, even if you try. And you can't really control the output ... but I channeled it where it was supposed to go. But it still was HIS choice. Just like it was YOURS.



Alt-text: "Well I STARTED it for him ... and basically pushed all the way until he couldn't stop anymore even if he wanted ... but it was still HIS choice!"

I could have shown in more detail what the great Gena did to that poor Captain, but I really didn't want to ... so panel one needs to be enough. Let you imagination fill in the blanks.

Also look who conjured a fancy dress literally out of thin air!

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