<Just a little bit later, Pesh and Shara have woken up and are putting on clothes>
Pesh: You know ... I thought about heading back home for a while after this.
Shara: Really? Have fun I guess.
Pesh: I could take you with me.
Shara: Are you SERIOUS? Why the fuck would I want to go back THERE?!
Pesh: I know you had a hard time growing up there ... but this time you'd be with ME.
Shara: As what, your CONCUBINE? No thanks.
Pesh: SHARA.
Shara: You wouldn't want to be seen with me anyways. You'll probably get DISOWNED if you drag a kid from the slums to your palace.
Pesh: Shara, WAIT!
Pesh: You can't just RUN OFF every time I talk about US!
Shara: Yes I fucking can! And I don't need another guy trying to "RESCUE" me so my ASS BELONGS TO HIM! Now LET ME GO!
<She leaves the tent while Pesh stays behind and looks angry>



Alt-text: "I can show you the world, Shara!"

Hoo boy, Pesh ... don't get possessive, she really doesn't like that ...

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