↓ Transcript
<Shara is dreaming, she and Gideon are floating beside each other>
Gideon: I'm so glad you're allowing yourself to have fun again.
Shara: ... you're not JEALOUS, are you?
Gideon: About HIM? <chuckles> No. There are some things I just can't do for you yet. Especially that last bit, with the teeth ...
<They both look down at the bed were Shara and Pesh are currently sleeping together>
Shara: Soo ... you've been watching the whole time, eh?
Gideon: I did. Do you mind?
Shara: MEH. A bit creepy, I guess. But I also kinda LIKE the idea ...
Gideon: I know you do.
Gideon: What about HIM, though? Do you JUST like his body?
Shara: It's a NICE body. You've seen it.
Gideon: Don't forget I can PEEK INTO YOUR HEAD, Shara.
Shara: Oh PLEASE. Maybe it's a LITTLE BIT more ... but not THAT much ... and certainly not nearly as much as I love YOU!
Gideon: I know, my love ... don't worry.
Shara: I'll just have fun with him until we're back in town - then it's OVER.
Gideon: MHM ... I'm not sure HE will see it the same way ....
Shara: ... that's not MY problem then, is it?