Na’Ki got a bit grazed there, it seems …


Also: Page 400! Woo!

I kinda feel like I should do some special drawing for that occasion, but I lack an idea … do you have any?



(Also, happy belated Halloween everyone :) )

↓ Transcript
<After the explosion, Ki'i'Mar is still floating, Na'Ki is still getting up, Bhar and the rest are writhing on the ground>
Na'Ki: Did ... did he just ...
Ki'i'Mar: Thank you for your help, Na'Ki ... that ALMOST got a bit iffy there ...
Ki'i'Mar: For a LITTLE MOMENT I thought I might have underestimated the power of you brothers and sisters there ... but it all turned out well in the end, didn't it? Look at them NOW. Two DEAD, the rest BARELY CONCIOUS ...
Na'Ki: B-but ... what are you going to do now?
Ki'i'Mar: <while floating back towards the ground> Now, my dearest ... I'm going to CLEAN UP THIS MESS.
Ki'i'Mar: You can catch your breath, I won't need you for this. But do make sure you won't miss anthing. Now you'll see what happens to people who CROSS A GENA!