<Maq closes his eyes>
Maq: <calmly> ... everything you want, Mistress.
Bhar: He's gathering energy - cut him off! KEEP THEM DOWN!
Gherroc: I CAN'T! It's coming from WITHIN!
Shisa'Fenn: NOVA!
Bhar: WHAT?!
<Maq burns up into a blinding light>
<Ki'i'Mar is directing the resulting blast away from her, destroying the Dragoons' ranks and obliterating Gherroc and Shisa'Fenn along with Maq>



Alt-text: "Oh no, nova! ... What's a nova? Maybe we'll find out later!"

R.I.P Maq.

And also Dragoons Gherroc and Shisa'Fenn, I guess. (Shisa'Fenn is the one on the right, I don't know if he has even said anything before this ...)    


Page 400 is nearing, wow ... I will try to keep all the HTTP Status references to myself, but I can't promise anything (of course I could've started that with page 100 already, technically, but I feel like the 400s are the one most non-web-developers actually see, especially 404).

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