Ki'i'Mar: At least ONE of you hasn't forgotten their oath!
Thelle: I KNEW we couldn't trust her!
Ki'i'Mar: Did the council really think you could MURDER A GENA and get away with it?!
Na'Ki: Gena! Maq and I can tear a hole! You can get away while we hold them off!
Ki'i'Mar: ... Oh, that won't be necessary.
Gherroc: ... Sir, we're ... losing control!
Bhar: DON'T FALTER! Keep surpressing! If we can keep them contained long enough we can -
Ki'i'Mar: ... Maq, my DEAR, LOYAL SERVANT? Could you DO ME FAVOR?
Maq: ANYTHING, Mistress.
Ki'i'Mar: DIE FOR ME.



Alt-text: "You can see that Ki'i'Mar is in a great mood because she speaks above the panel borders."

You might notice how I started drawing the Tyr'Enns' head tentacles a little different (I really need to think of a name for those things ... like Lekku, but less wobbly). It's because drawing them each individual segment at a time is really tedious after a time ... especially when drawing Ki'i'Mar.  

... seriously, the tentacles, the tattoos ... why did I make everything about her especially tedious? I even gave her name two apostrophes, for heaven's sake! Sigh ... let this be a lesson to you all: What looks cool as a character concept only works if you're ready to draw it again and again and again ... (I still really like drawing her, though)  

Also in case you missed it last week: Chapter five now has a title page - check it out!

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  1. Well, might be a hint that Kitty is triggering some masochistic vein in you … *ggg*

    Some noicely colerful pages those are!

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