You might notice how I started drawing the Tyr’Enns’ head tentacles a little different (I really need to think of a name for those things … like Lekku, but less wobbly). It’s because drawing them each individual segment at a time is really tedious after a time … especially when drawing Ki’i’Mar.


… seriously, the tentacles, the tattoos … why did I make everything about her especially tedious? I even gave her name two apostrophes, for heaven’s sake! Sigh … let this be a lesson to you all: What looks cool as a character concept only works if you’re ready to draw it again and again and again …

(I still really like drawing her, though)


Also in case you missed it last week: Chapter five now has a title page – check it out!

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: At least ONE of you hasn't forgotten their oath!
Thelle: I KNEW we couldn't trust her!
Ki'i'Mar: Did the council really think you could MURDER A GENA and get away with it?!
Na'Ki: Gena! Maq and I can tear a hole! You can get away while we hold them off!
Ki'i'Mar: ... Oh, that won't be necessary.
Gherroc: ... Sir, we're ... losing control!
Bhar: DON'T FALTER! Keep surpressing! If we can keep them contained long enough we can -
Ki'i'Mar: ... Maq, my DEAR, LOYAL SERVANT? Could you DO ME FAVOR?
Maq: ANYTHING, Mistress.
Ki'i'Mar: DIE FOR ME.