<Ki'i'Mar is facing off against the five Dragoons, both sides slamming their magic against each other, being kind of equal at the moment>
Gherroc: She saw us coming!
Bhar: KEEP PUSHING! Overwhelm her, don't let her breathe!
<Ki'i'Mar grins, but looks strained, too>
Ki'i'Mar: You ... NEARLY ... had me there ... ! Unaware ... defenseless ... soo ... CLOSE!
Bhar: She's trying to teleport away, you have to KEEP BLOCKING -
Gherroc: I'm getting DISRUPTED from the outside, I can't -
<A huge bang, Na'Ki and Maq appear in front of Ki'i'Mar>
Na'Ki: I'm sorry, Sir. I can't let you do this.



Alt-text: "Oh look, Maq can be mad!"

This is where it might get a little confusing, visually, especially panel one. That's why I kept with the red and the blue, so you can still make out what forces are clashing against each other, there.

Specifically, in the first panel the three Dragoons in the middle are pushing into Ki'i'Mar, trying to bind most of her power, while the two on the side are trying to disrupt her magic flow. And it indeed did kinda seem to work ... for as long as the Gena was alone.  


... I am aware that it might have been cooler to have them use their glaives for some good old-fashioned melee fighting, but if you're dealing with someone as powerful as Ki'i'Mar, mundane blades just don't make any sense anymore ...  

Update: I finished the title page for chapter five - check it out! I really take a long time doing these ... but I very seldom have the time and energy to squeeze some work on them in between the rest. You can even see on that one that I didn't bother with the brushes anymore and just used flat colors plus my usual shading ... but I think it doesn't actually look to bad, does it?

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