In case you’re wondering what “bubble thing” they mean: it’s this one.

↓ Transcript
<As everyone is scrambling, Katharina runs up to Shara, having clearly just woken up>
Katharina: SHARA! W-what's happening? Are we being attacked?!
Shara: We might be about to. Stay INSIDE THE TENTS and LAY LOW until I say otherwise!
Katharina: But ... WHO IS IT?! Forsaken again?
Shara: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW YET! Are you TRYING to catch an opening arrow?!
Katharina: N-NO! I'm sorry, I'll -
<Shara holds her back>
Shara: ACTUALLY: You remember that BUBBLE THING you did on our way from Blackshire?
Katharina: Y-yes?
Shara: Gather as many of your people as possible and do THAT as soon as something gets past me and the guards!
Katharina: O-okay ... okay I can do that ...
Shara: Also, have you seen PESH yet?
Katharina: No, not tonight ... ?
Shara: FUCK! If that shithead is on one of his NIGHT WALKS right now ...
Katharina: Shara ... you're not going to RUN OUT THERE right now are you?! To look for him?
Shara: No, I'm not STUPID ... if he was outside when they came he's either HIDING or DEAD now ...
Katharina: Oh Lhûn ... <weak> it's starting again isn't it ... ?