Shara: One last thing, Kat:
Katharina: ... w-what is it? What can I do?
Shara: Can you give me the key to the chest where that ... THAT BLADE is in? Just in case I might need it?
Katharina: W ... what?
Katharina: What are you going to do with THAT? You already HAVE a sword!
Shara: But not one like THAT! Just in case -
Katharina: Just in case of WHAT? W-we know nothing about what that thing will DO to you! It might just HURT you or make everything WORSE!
Shara: Yeah, but ...
<Katharina grabs her>
Katharina: Shara, look at me! We are being ATTACKED! And YOU were the one who heard them coming, right?
Shara: ... right.
Katharina: We need you HERE, right now! Forget the sword!
Shara: ... y-you're right. I need to keep looking for PESH, though.
Katharina: And ... and I need to collect all those who can't fight.
Shara: If I find anyone I'll send them to you.
Katharina: ... PLEASE be careful.
Shara: ... you too, Kat.
<they both run in different directions>
<zoom out to the forest outside of the camp, where Straw and Khima are watching in the dark>
Straw: ... I really have NO IDEA how they saw us coming ... ... but this just got a LOT more interesting. Maybe we can TALK THIS OUT after all?
Khima: HRMF.



Alt-text: "Also it's a greatsword and you're a rogue, Shara! You're not even proficient!"

Well ... look who it is.

I bet he's only here to say hello to his pal Shara ...

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  1. If those two aren’t two of the nicest guys we’ve met so far … joy to come!

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