Shara: <whispering> Is that -
<She leans out from behind the tent>
Shara: STRAW, you BASTARD! What are YOU doing here?!
Straw: SHARA! How NICE to see you again!
Straw: Catch-up will have to wait, though. Can you fetch your HUMAN FRIEND? I need to speak to the one IN CHARGE here!
Katharina: Oh ... w-what do you want ... ?
Shara: STAY BACK, Kat!
Kemyran: She is right, boss - stay in cover, WE'LL handle this!
Straw: Oh come on, guys ... we're not here to HURT anyone! We just want to take the stuff you got from those ruins and then LEAVE! If I wanted you dead I'd just have to LIFT A FINGER and all of you would end up as PRETTY LITTLE PINCUSHIONS in a second!
Kemyran: You are BLUFFING! You don't have as many people as you want us to think! And now you try to INTIMIDATE us into giving up!
Straw: That is a very BOLD assumption to make, Lieutenant Kemyran.
Kemyran: We are NOT the easy targets you think we are, scum! Leave, NOW! You have ONE chance!
Straw: Oh, we know you and your subordinates VERY WELL, Lieutenant. And more importantly: Their PRICES.



Alt-text: "100 internets to whoever guesses what the 'pretty little pincushion' is a reference to."

... happy Valentine's Day, I guess?

I know this isn't the most romantic scene ... maybe I should've done something with Kat and Book instead ;)

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