This took a nasty turn pretty quick. RIP Lt. Kemyran, Thomas and Bac’Bessh …

A little warning: the next weeks and months might have a fair amount of red splashing up on occasion.


… let’s hope our heroes make it through it.

↓ Transcript
Kemyran: What -
<Garvil charges up his blade and runs them through from behind>
Kemyran: AAARGH!
Eddis: ... FINALLY!
<Eddis stabs Thomas through the throat>
Thomas: <gurgles>
Bac'Bessh: Wha-HRMK
<Tohye covers his mouth and slits his throat from behind>
Tohye: Nothing personal, buddy ... just BUSINESS.
<Chris tries to pull her away>
Chris: GET DOWN!
<Straw gives a sign and lots of people run out of the trees behind him to attack>
Straw: REMEMBER: Try to get Shara and the mage alive. KILL THE REST.