Now … after that setup you might wonder why the bad guys are getting sloppy that quickly and just run in like schoolkids at a soccer game.

The thing is: those are not soldiers. There’s a reason they’re called “thugs” in the transcript. They are used to beating up weaker parties … and after four people of the Guild’s guard turned and killed another four, Fernanda and Chris here are literally the only two trained fighters left against them (At least that they know of, Shara is currently hiding and Pesh is who knows where).

In their mind, they’ve already won. There’s dozens of them and just two guards and a bunch of scared people left. It’s over.

… but maybe they’re wong? Maybe Kat’s shield will at least keep them off for a while … ?

↓ Transcript
<Fernanda and Chris get charged by two attackers>
Thug one: Make those fuckers BLEED!
Thug two: WAIT, watch the -
<Chris shoots a large flame out of his torch to startle them>
<Fernanda uses the distraction to step forward and cut the first one down with a scream>
Fernanda: HJAARGH!
Thug two: You BITCH!
Fernanda: They are SO MANY!
Chris: <while deflecting an arrow with magic> FALL BACK! We need to protect Lady Grauch and the others!
<Fernanda and Chris retreat through the camp towards Katharina who is holed up inside a shield spell with some other people>
Straw: <shouts after them> Corner them! And get the BOMBS ready!
<Meanwhile, Shara is watching everything while trying to hide behind a tent>
Shara: <talking quietly to herself> Fuck, FUCK! They BOUGHT THE GUARDS, we're FUCKED, WE'RE FUCKED!
Gideon: DON'T PANIC! You need to SURVIVE THIS, Shara!
Shara: Then fucking HELP ME!
Gideon: You KNOW what you need. THE BLADE.