<Katharina is trying to hastily sneak away while the thugs are confused by the sudden burst of fog>
A Thug: SHIT! I can't see anything! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY!
Another Thug: Don't worry, they're still surrounded!
Katharina: <muttering to herself> Oh crap, oh PLEASE ... ! What do I do now, what do I DO ... ?!
<Someone grabs her from the side and presses a hand on her mouth>
Katharina: <muffled and terrified> Mhmhmm!
<It turns out ot's Shara, who is hiding behind a set of boxes and barrels and she pulls Kat down towards her>
Shara: SHHHHH! It's me - be QUIET!
Katharina: Oh thank LHÛN - you're still alive!
Shara: Nice FOG - that'll buy us some time.
Katharina: What do we DO NOW, Shara?!
Shara: SHUT UP AND LISTEN: We need that SWORD! Now!
Katharina: You can't be SERIOUS!
Shara: TRUST ME! Gideon told me - it's the ONLY OPTION LEFT!
Katharina: Oh gods have mercy on us, what have I gotten us INTO!
Shara: Are you DONE, princess? We need to hurry!
Katharina: F-FINE! The SWORD! Which way is that, I can't see?!
Shara: Well that's not MY fault, is it?
Katharina: I know, I'm SORRY!



Alt-text: "Ok, who turned down the brightness slider that much?"

To be fair to the alt-text: it's night, they don't have light and they're in a heavily obscuring cloud of fog - the visibility should be even worse. But then I wouldn't have much left to draw, would I ... ?

One thought on “page418

  1. Maybe we would have been able to guess from context who the respective speech bubbles belong to, but I prefer to see the frency in Kat’s eyes … oh well.

    Maybe Gideon couldshed some light on the matter of where the sword is?

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