… sometimes I feel the urge to apologize to my characters.

I’m sorry, Kat.

↓ Transcript
<Katharina and Shara are trying to sneak through the fog>
Gideon: <in Shara's head> Follow my voice.
Shara: It's THIS way, c'mon.
Katharina: Are you sure?
Shara: YES.
Katharina: O-okay, but what if they CATCH UP and -
<Straw appears behind Katharina and grabs her by the arm>
Straw: - TOO LATE.
Katharina: AAH!
Shara: Kat? SHIT!
Katharina: G-go away!
<She turns around and raises her hand to push Straw away with a spell>
<Straw rams his knife into her left palm before she can finish casting>
Katharina: AAAARRGH!!
<Straw now stands over her pulls the knife out and gets ready to stab her again>
Straw: And just to be SURE ...
<He gets tackled by Shara before he can finish>
Straw: ... hffh!
<Shara is now wrestling Straw to the ground to keep him occupied while Katharina is writhing and clutching her hand. You can see more thugs approaching through the fog>
Katharina: Hnnngh ... ! HRRRGHG!