<Katharina has fled the immediate fighting and is stumbling along the tents, her hand still bleeding a lot>
Katharina: Nggh ... ngggh ... LHÛN ... L-lhûn ...
<She sits down in front of a tent and clutches her stabbed hand with her healthy one, and starts to heal it with magic>
Katharina: HRRRNNNGH ... ohGODithurtsSOMUCH ...
<Jester Book peaks out of the tent behind her>
Book: <whispering> ... Miss Grauch, is that you? I am SO GLAD you're still alive!
Katharina: ARGH! M-Mister Book! What are YOU doing here?!
Book: <whispering> HIDING, of course! Quick, come in here!
<Both crawl back into the tent to hide>
Book: I do not think somebody has spotted me so far ... OH NO! What happened to your HAND?!
Katharina: NGH. It ... it's f-fine. I can h ... heal it ...
Book: Let me just put some bandaging around -
<She flinches back and glares at him>
Katharina: NO! D-don't you ... DON'T TOUCH ME!



Alt-text: "For the comic number 420 this is a decidedly unchill scene."

I realize I am making a few short jumps between these pages sometimes, but I hope it's not too bad. I could've shown Kat getting up and dragging herself away while Shara keeps Straw occupied and before his goons arrive, but there is still so much plot to happen and so little room on these pages!

... if you're wondering what happens to Shara now, well ... we'll get back to her, later :)  


Also, for everyone who cares: happy easter holidays! At least we had a few days of nice weather where I live, what about you?

One thought on “page420

  1. Snowing right now …
    … so Kat decides to be suspicious of Book now??
    I mean, if he was on the side of the attackers, he could have just called out when she came in …

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