Book: But Miss Grauch -
Katharina: <a bit too loud> I DON'T TRUST YOU! Did you KNOW about this?! Are these LADY VIOLET'S PEOPLE?!
<Book shows his palms and tries to calm her down and lower her voice, too>
Book: Miss Grauch - Katharina - PLEASE! I swear ... I SWEAR I don't know who sent them! I don't know about ANY of this!
Katharina: B-But -
Book: I would not be HIDING WITH YOU otherwise, would I?
Katharina: I ... I guess ...
Book: Now PLEASE let me take a look at your hand before it gets INFECTED!
Katharina: Ngh ... f-fine!
<She holds her hand out for him>
Book: Thank you. I promise I'll be careful.
Katharina: OW! Have ... have you done that before ... ?
Book: ... tending to a stab wound? Yes.
<Book is tending to her hand, cleaning and bandaging it>
Katharina: I ... remind me to ask about that LATER.
Book: Wow - you already did a great job healing this up! I thought it'd be much WORSE.
Katharina: NH ... really?
Book: Yes! You'll be fine. Let's just clean this up a bit ...
Book: Of course this brings us to the next problem: what do we do NOW? Do we just ... HIDE?
Katharina: W-we can't. The fog won't last that long. I ... I have to get to the ARTIFACT.
Book: ... WHY?
Katharina: Don't ask, just HELP ME!
Book: ... yes, ma'am.



Alt-text: "I swear I'm not trying to make each new page a bit darker, it just happens!"

You'll have to forgive Kat for snapping at him ... she hasn't had the best day so far.

He does seem to be taking it quite well, though ... you'd have to imagine from his time with Lady Violet he's used to people taking their bad day out on him.  

At least Kat pulled herself together much quicker than last time. It might help that Shara has given her given her an achievable goal that doesn't involve directly participating in bloodshed ... even if it is a flimsy hope at best. But better to be grasping at straws than to let them brake the camel's back?

(... let's hope she fairs better than me with that metaphor)

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  1. Book is my hero. And Kat looks really, really pissed off in the last panel … she should cling to that mood ^^

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