Back to Shara – I’m always surprised at how fast she can be despite her leg (and it seems Straw and his goons are, too)!

↓ Transcript
<Back with Shara and Straw, they are currently wrestling>
Straw: Ngh ... FINE! We'll get her ... sooner or later ... !
<He shoves her off with his boot>
Straw: ... time to tend to YOU first!
Shara: OOF! Nfh ... in your DREAMS, shitheads!
<They both come to their feet opposite each other>
Shara: I KNEW you'd fuck me over eventually!
Straw: You should've taken my offer, Shara! You could have been on MY side! You know, the WINNING one!
Shara: You haven't won yet - try and GET me!
Straw: <sighs> ... Still so eager to pick fights you CAN'T WIN ...
<Two goons are approaching Shara from behind>
Gideon: <in her head> Behind you!
<The one goon chops down on her with her axe, but she dodges out of the way>
<She appears behind the goon and stabs him in the back with her short sword>
Byzarian Goon: ARRRRGHH!
<She kicks the goon towards the other who is surprised by the swiftness of it all>
Baroc Goon: <in baroc> SHIESH!!
<Shara cheeses it behind a nearby tent while the one goon is buried below the other and Straw looks at it with disappointment>
Straw: ... and here I hoped I was working with PROFESSIONALS ...