<Back with Shara and Straw, they are currently wrestling>
Straw: Ngh ... FINE! We'll get her ... sooner or later ... !
<He shoves her off with his boot>
Straw: ... time to tend to YOU first!
Shara: OOF! Nfh ... in your DREAMS, shitheads!
<They both come to their feet opposite each other>
Shara: I KNEW you'd fuck me over eventually!
Straw: You should've taken my offer, Shara! You could have been on MY side! You know, the WINNING one!
Shara: You haven't won yet - try and GET me!
Straw: <sighs> ... Still so eager to pick fights you CAN'T WIN ...
<Two goons are approaching Shara from behind>
Gideon: <in her head> Behind you!
<The one goon chops down on her with her axe, but she dodges out of the way>
<She appears behind the goon and stabs him in the back with her short sword>
Byzarian Goon: ARRRRGHH!
<She kicks the goon towards the other who is surprised by the swiftness of it all>
Baroc Goon: <in baroc> SHIESH!!
<Shara cheeses it behind a nearby tent while the one goon is buried below the other and Straw looks at it with disappointment>
Straw: ... and here I hoped I was working with PROFESSIONALS ...



Alt-text: "Shara has voices warning her, that's unfair!"

Back to Shara - I'm always surprised at how fast she can be despite her leg (and it seems Straw and his goons are, too)!

One thought on “page422

  1. Not a bad thing to hear voices that give accurate warnings and directions … much better than the common magic talking sword that is so full of itself that it drives its wielders nuts one by one. Not that seeing (and fucking) dead people might not drive Shara nuts eventually as well ^^’ At least it could get her hospitalized – but maybe not in a fantasy world with magic and stuff and magic stuff and, most probably, ghosts.

    But I disgress. To the point:

    GO, SHARA! FIGHT! WHOOP THEIR ASSES RIGHT! *waves pompoms frantically*

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