<Shara is trying to scurry away unseen>
Shara: <quiet> ShitshitSHIT! ... maybe I can shake them off and catch up with -
Gideon: DUCK!
Shara: FUCK!
<She just ducks and rolls under another thug swinging a big club at her>
Thug: Found you, b-ARGHFL!
<She kicks him in groin from the ground with her metal leg>
<While he's staggered she jumps up and stabs him in the stomach>
Thug: Hrg
Gideon: DODGE!
<She barely ducks out of the way of an arrow>
<Two throwing knives immediately follow up from behind her, and one hits her in the left upper arm>
Shara: ARGH! MotherFUCKER!
<Straw steps up to her with a throwing knife in his hand. Beside him is another thug with a crossbow pointed right at her>
Straw: ... that was a valiant effort, Girl. REALLY. But playtime is OVER now. I WAS trying to give you a chance here, but I'm starting to think it's just too much of a HASSLE ...



Alt-text: "There it is, Shara's signature attack!"

Well, as Dark Souls players know, even if you see the attacks coming ... sooner or later you're bound to make a mistake. And Shara doesn't have the advantage (?) of being undead and coming back ...  

In other news: Chapter Six now has a title page! Check it out! And yes that means I am now actually caught up with the title pages! Just please don't expect me to keep up with that ...   ._.

7 thoughts on “page423

  1. I was wondering if Shara’s signature attack wold also be in the title page … ^^

    Anyhow, time for Kat to save Shara for a change … that’s what friends are for, right?

    1. Also, love the “Duck!” “Fuck!” combo :D

      1. Thanks! Would you believe me when I said that wasn’t on purpose?^^

        1. Yeeeeaaaah, suuuuuuureeeeeee …. ^^

          (Actually, I do – stuff like that usually happens by accident :))

  2. “Klötentritt!!!” or “Call shot to the nuts!!!”
    I thought i just leave this here

    1. That’s right :D

    2. One could also call it the nutcracker move!

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